Providing A Duty Of Care To Your Employees

For businesses where staff are frequently on the move, it is a basic requirement that you, as an employer, meet your duty of care to your employees to ensure their safety.

This includes staff travelling in taxis, minicabs and private hire vehicles, which are commonly used by all manner of businesses.

Find out how to safeguard your staff when travelling into this category of transport.

Employee duty of care and risk management are an essential part of your business travel programme. This includes staff travelling in taxis, minicabs and private hire vehicles, which are commonly used by all manner of businesses.

One of the issues with maintaining duty of care for staff during these type of trips is that the nature of the industry, and its high degree of self-employment, makes regulation a challenge.

Particularly with the rise of internet taxi platforms, many businesses have started to question how they can ensure the safety of their workforce, whilst they travel as passengers in minicabs or private hire vehicles.

As a responsible employer, one of the considerations in choice of supplier should be around how the supplier manages overall passenger safety; from compliance to regulation to the hours a driver works each week, to DBS vetting employees. These are areas that businesses shouldn’t compromise on, to ensure the well-being of their staff.

Encouraging Compliance in the Workplace

There are some minicab or private hire businesses that have been slow to recognise the importance of passenger safety, and how in the corporate world, this has implications for businesses and their duty of care.

So, for those of you who use taxis, minicabs or private hire services to transport your employers, caveat emptor! Not all suppliers are the same.

When it comes to corporate travel security, employing some straightforward travel risk measures can help to reduce the impact on your business. Although it’s not merely about limiting the impact for your business, it’s also about keeping your staff safe.

Ensure You Only Travel with Reputable Suppliers

At Transport Innovation, we’ve invested in technology that can help you to meet your employee duty of care requirements.

We have 30 years’ experience, and successfully manage 11 million journeys each year.

With a bespoke booking platform, designed to provide a simpler vehicle ordering facility, we engage with multiple operators, all of who are reputable suppliers.

This helps reduce costs, and greatly improves our response times. A tool such as this will allow your travelers to book with confidence, whilst driving down costs for your travel programme.

And just as importantly, it will ensure that you fulfil your duty of care obligations to your employees, even when taking what may feel like a simple cab journey.

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