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Cab Company Benefits

Grow your business: Our services generate increased journeys and profits for the taxi and private hire trade. With a direct line to new customers, it's an easy business decision to make. Free advertising and business development

Trusted: There were 11 million journeys made last year with UGO Freephone. We already have 1000 minicab companies supplying over 100,000 minicabs and have over 3000 locations registered with us. We are tried and tested so you know we work for companies like you.

Even more fares: All our sites are there to give you more business. For example, our supermarket contracts have the added benefit of giving you work at quieter times in the day.

Free advertising and business development: With a presence in some of the busiest locations in the country, a UGO Freephone is not only a great way to generate income but also to market your services to potential future loyal customers.

Exclusivity: Every contract is an exclusive freephone contract at the site. We work with our clients to ensure this contract is the only taxi and private service found in the site. Having your name displayed in busy footfall locations is also a great way for you to stand out from the competition.

Hassle-free: We take care of everything for you, from installing the phone to maintaining it.