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UNITE Case Study

UNITE build and manage student accommodation across the whole of the UK. They are the UK's leading developer and manager of purpose-built student accommodation, established in 1991. They are home to almost 40,000 students in over 120 properties across the UK, throughout 24 key university towns and cities.

Transport Innovation started working with UNITE in 2006. UNITE wanted to make sure their residents had access to safe reliable taxi and private hire companies. They also were interested in providing access to other local services, like food delivery, computer repairs, help and advice lines, travel information, in fact any service a student would find helpful! All in the form of a free call to the student.

Transport Innovation has UGO Infoboards (a multi-service freephone and information board) and UGO Freephones in 18 key university cities across the UK, for UNITE. These UGO services offer their residents a free call to a wide variety of services.

We have, in addition, launched the UGO Text service with UNITE. This service texts the residents the telephone number of an approved taxi or private hire company before the start of term. New residents therefore benefit from receiving the number of a UGO approved firm, even before they arrive in their unfamiliar surroundings. The number can be stored to their mobile and used again and again. This service is updated at the start of the academic year and after Christmas. The next UGO Text will be sent to all UNITE residents in September 2012.

Along with all of the above services, we are also trialing our latest interactive touch screens in 2 UNITE sites, where residents can keep up to date with local information, leave feedback, complete surveys and call an approved taxi or private hire firm.

Transport Innovation provides UNITE with a valuable income stream for all the services it provides.

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